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Developing Proficiency in Reading, Writing, and Speaking Standard Arabic

Standard Arabic

Arabic is the language of hundreds of millions of people in more than twenty nations around the world, one of the six languages recognized by the United Nations, and also the language of the Quran, the holy book of Muslims.

The richness of vocabulary, sentence structure, and sounds, as well as the multitude of synonyms, make it one of the most beautiful languages ever.

Since standard Arabic is the most accepted and standardized form of learning the language, it is understood by all Arabs regardless of the local dialect they use.

This makes learning standard Arabic a good choice if you want to be understood by all Arabs equally, and, of course, if you want to learn the original Arabic language. Moreover, you will most likely read Arabic in most forms of written communication. You will also hear it in the news, in academics, or in any formal discourses.

Learning Arabic opens the door to many job and business opportunities, especially in the wealthy Gulf region. It will also help you get closer to the Gulf business culture and equip you to make solid and personal business relationships.

The face-to-face or online classes in Standard Arabic are flexibly designed according to the goals and needs of the students.

In other words, you will learn what is useful for your academic studies, work, or any other specific objective you have. The classes are arranged in such a way that fast progress is possible in the four basic language skills: understanding, reading, writing, and conversation.

Excerpts of the rich cultural Arabic heritage, including movies, songs, comedies, poetry, short stories, etc., help in advancing the proficiency level of the student as well as in familiarizing with the Arabic culture.

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