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Lebanese Dialect

The Arab world is characterized by a wide variety of dialects, with the Lebanese dialect playing an important role. There are more than 18 million Lebanese people who speak the dialect. These are some of the reasons why you should learn the Lebanese dialect

It is widely understood across most of the Arabic-speaking countries due to the strong Lebanese influence in the region. It is not surprising that when someone from Lebanon meets someone from the Gulf, they will most likely communicate in the Lebanese dialect.

This dialect is not only the Lingua Franca between the people and nations of the Middle East and North Africa, but it is also connected to a unique literary heritage and is formative for theater, cinema, and music in the Arab world.

-When you learn the Lebanese dialect, you will find that many Arabs are familiar with it because they are constantly exposed to Lebanese cinema and TV shows.

-For these reasons, the Lebanese dialect is an ideal starting point for learning Arabic from a more popular perspective, as it can be used in everyday life to communicate with Arabs in casual situations.

Yalla Araby’s classes in the Lebanese dialect are designed to suit the goals and needs of the students. Classes are organized in such a way that it is possible to make fast progress in the four basic language skills: understanding, reading, writing, and conversation.

Our experienced, native Arabic teachers use creative and modern teaching methods to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Throughout the practice-oriented program, we pay attention to enriching the curriculum with contemporary and relevant vocabulary and topics, to make the material more connected to everyday life.

You will practice these learnings with Yalla Araby’s teacher in everyday conversations that will help improve your speaking skills. In addition, the lessons are supplemented with impressions of the customs, traditions, and culture of Lebanon, taking into account the power of songs, poetry, and movies to help improve your learning.

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