Language Stays in
Egypt and Lebanon

Immerse yourself and learn and improve your Arabic in the thick of action

Learn Arabic In The Midst Of Action

Embark on a captivating Arabic language journey with Yalla Araby’s immersive trips to the vibrant landscapes of Egypt and Lebanon. Known as the ‘Mother of the World,’ Egypt, and the rich cultural tapestry of Lebanon offer unique backdrops for mastering the language. Our tailored programs, whether individual stays or group camps, blend theory and practice seamlessly.

Qualified teachers lead private or group lessons, guiding your language journey through the bustling streets of Cairo and the enchanting scenes of Beirut. Dive into social activities like cooking courses, concerts, and theaters, ensuring not just learning but an exhilarating experience.

Yalla Araby takes care of it all – from accommodations, including stays with Egyptian and Lebanese host families, to local transportation in Cairo and Beirut, and exciting tours across Egypt and Lebanon. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure, where each moment is a step toward language mastery, cultural discovery, and lasting memories.

Masterfully from right to left

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