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Transform Your Arabic Language Abilities with Yalla Araby

About Yalla Araby

Welcome to Yalla Araby, a distinguished language school specializing in the instruction of Arabic. Whether you’re a foreign language enthusiast or looking to enhance your Arabic proficiency as a native speaker, our tailored programs cater to diverse linguistic aspirations.

Our Offerings

At Yalla Araby, we present a comprehensive array of learning opportunities:

  • Online Classes: Engage in interactive virtual classrooms, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

  • Face-to-Face Classes: Join our personalized sessions conducted in Switzerland, Egypt, and Lebanon, providing a hands-on and immersive learning experience.
  • Immersive Trips: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Egypt and Lebanon through our unique language-stay programs.

Our Journey

Established in 2012, Yalla Araby emerged from an unwavering passion for the Arabic language and culture. Our mission is to bridge the gap between these facets and a global audience, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation.

Mohamed Megahed: CEO and Lead Educator

As the visionary founder and CEO of Yalla Araby, Mohamed Megahed, an Egyptian-Swiss national, brings a wealth of expertise. Holding qualifications in teaching Arabic as a foreign language from the esteemed American University in Cairo, Mohamed combines extensive teaching and management experience with a profound dedication to the Arabic language and culture. He leads our team of dedicated educators, ensuring a transformative learning experience for all.

Join us at Yalla Araby, where language acquisition transcends boundaries, and cultural understanding flourishes.

What sets Yalla Araby apart !

Our instructors, native speakers specializing in teaching Arabic as a first or second language, tailor the curriculum to individual student needs and goals. The balance between theory and practice, coupled with modern and creative teaching methods, places the student at the heart of lessons, enabling rapid language acquisition.

our experience and reputation

A Legacy of Excellence - Our Experience and Reputation speak for itself.

our flexibility

Customized learning with flexible options.

our professionalism and authenticity

Experience the authenticity of Arabic learning with us.

needs-orientation and up-to-dateness.

Learning that evolves with you, designed for success.

Masterfully from right to left

Join Yalla Araby To Master Your Arabic !