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face-to-face classes in Switzerland, Egypt and Lebanon

Connect in Person: Meet Your Teacher in Switzerland, Egypt, or Lebanon!

Online Classes

Meet and interact with your teacher in the virtual classroom

Language Stays In Egypt and Lebanon

Immerse yourself and learn and improve your Arabic in the thick of action

Learn Arabic

Take a step into the world of Arabic, a language spoken by hundreds of millions across 20+ nations and recognized by the United Nations. With its rich vocabulary, distinct sentence structure, and captivating sounds, learning Arabic opens doors to various job and business opportunities in the Gulf region.

Standard Arabic​

Dive into the world of Arabic with classes tailored to your needs, whether in-person or online. We're here to make your learning experience as flexible as you are!

Egyptian Dialect

Swing open the door to Arabic-speaking countries with the vibrant and dynamic Egyptian Dialect. Let your language skills become your passport to a cultural adventure.

Lebanese Dialect

Immerse yourself in the allure of the Lebanese Dialect, unlocking doors to a world of cultural richness. Let language be the melody in your journey of discovery.

Islamic Arabic

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Classical Arabic through the study of the Quran and Islamic sciences. Experience language learning as a journey of spiritual and intellectual growth.

Arabic For Children

Ignite your child's curiosity and global potential through proficiency in Arabic. Nurture their future success in a globalized world. Arabic isn't just a language; it's a key to endless possibilities.

why yalla araby?

Masterfully from right to left

professional and authentic

Experience excellence with Yalla Araby, where we uphold rigorous standards and professionalism in our services. Our team of dedicated teachers, approved specialists in teaching Arabic as a foreign language, are not just native speakers—they’re passionate ambassadors of the language.

Guided by our unique teaching code and methods, they ensure swift and compelling results. Beyond mere language instruction, our educators view Arabic as the gateway to a rich and unique culture. At Yalla Araby, we strive to bridge the gap, infusing our lessons with elements from daily life, as well as the modern and traditional facets of Arabic culture.

needs-oriented and modern​

In sync with renowned curricula, we prioritize the delicate balance between theory and practice in our classes. Our commitment is to adapt dynamically to the unique needs and goals of our students, irrespective of age and pre-knowledge.

Flexibility is our forte—we adjust the vital elements of speaking, reading, writing, and understanding, placing the student and their demands at the heart of our lessons. While following established curricula, our focus remains on crafting a personalized learning journey that ensures a harmonious blend of theory and practical application.


experienced and renowned

Thanks to many years of teaching Arabic as a foreign language Yalla Araby not only gathered a longstanding experience but also a good reputation.

We are privileged to call many members of government and administration in Switzerland as well as of diplomatic missions, universities and private businesses, and kids of parents of Arabic origin, in more than thirty countries part of our customers.

Experience, our high standard and values as well as our love for the Arabic language and culture explain our success and motivate us to continue to prove that learning Arabic is not rocket science.

our clients are from

At Yalla Araby, our clients hail from all walks of life, united by a shared eagerness to unlock the doors of communication through the beauty of Arabic. Join us on a journey where diverse paths converge towards a common goal.

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Masterfully from right to left

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