Professional and Authentic

Yalla Araby applies high standards and professionalism in its services. All our teachers are specialized and approved in teaching Arabic as a foreign language and native speakers with a real passion for the language and its beauty.

They follow our teaching code and methods that guarantee fast and convincing results and understand Arabic as more than just a language. Arabic is seen as the key to a rich and unique culture that Yalla Araby intends to bring nearer to its students. This is reflected in the lessons that are enriched with elements from daily life as well as the modern and traditional Arabic culture.

Needs-oriented and Modern

While following renowned curricula we are keen to adapt the balance between theory and practice in our classes according to the needs and goals of our students. Regardless of their age and pre-knowledge, we flexibly adjust the four elements of speaking, reading, writing, and understanding and make sure that the student and his demands remains at the core of our lessons.

Our teachers rely on creative and modern methods of teaching and enrich the curricula and the lessons with daily life content and vocabulary that is of relevance for the students to guarantee practicing the language in the fastest possible time.

Experienced and Renowned

Thanks to many years of teaching Arabic as a foreign language Yalla Araby not only gathered a longstanding experience but also a good reputation.

We are privileged to call many members of government and administration in Switzerland as well as of diplomatic missions, universities and private businesses, and kids of parents of Arabic origin, in more than thirty countries part of our customers.

Experience, our high standard and values as well as our love for the Arabic language and culture explain our success and motivate us to continue to prove that learning Arabic is not rocket science.

Yalla Araby around the world



  • The face-to-face lessons are always interesting and funny. I learn a difficult language with fun because of the humor of the teacher. He has the talent to know which learning-type you are and you get the feeling that he tailors the lesson just for you. If you want to learn the Arabic language with variety and fun, go to Yalla Araby!

    Melanie Megrt
  • Arabic lessons with Mohamed Megahed from Yalla Araby are really enjoyable, as he does not merely focus on linguistic issues – and this in a very competent manner – but also develops on cultural aspects related to this wonderful language. His passion for the Arabic language and its idiosyncrasies is highly contagious. He also strikes a perfect balance between challenging me and showing the necessary patience when I struggle – oh so often - with the difficulties of this language.

    Dominik Heinzer Programme Manager Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
  • In his classes, Mohamed from Yalla Araby uses a wide range of didactical tools and I therefore not only learn to read and write, but also to speak and understand the Egyptian dialect. The lessons are varied and adapted to the needs and interests of the students. Having a long experience in studying Modern Standard Arabic myself, I was very pleased to find an excellent and highly motivated teacher at Yalla Araby.

    Monica Corrado Director Fondation suisse / Pavillon Le Corbusier Paris
  • I have been taking Arabic classes with Mohamed from Yalla Araby for about six months. I appreciated a lot the dynamism of the classes, the content was varied what made it more interesting. Furthermore, the teacher really understood what the student needs and is able to adapt to it. Yalla Araby is truly a great school!

    Marie Di Petrantonio Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
  • I’ve attended Arabic lessons with Mohamed during two and a half years, initially in a small group and later I’ve attended individual lessons. Hereby, I have learned a lot about the language and its cultural background. The relaxed and humorous teaching style has always motivated me to tackle this challenging language with ease.

    Michèle Truttmann
  • The teacher at Yalla Araby shows a great degree of flexibility, varies teaching methods and adjusts the content of the courses according to the needs and requests of the students. Lessons are fun and learning effect has been big - highly recommended!

    Thomas Kocherhans United Nations Mission Bangui
  • Our teacher Mohamed at Yalla Araby is very patient (and doesn’t hesitate to repeat things again and again when he recognizes that we still did not understand). He adapts the lessons to our level and rhythm, while encouraging us to go ahead. He corrects the pronunciation, what I really appreciate (and is not often the case with other teachers…). The lessons are never boring!

    Aude Schönenberger
  • This is probably the best Arabic course for all those who want to learn Arabic in an efficient and joyful. Each lesson with Mohamed from Yalla Araby has motivated me to remain committed and to go on. Moreover, the lessons go far beyond a standard language course and offers interesting insights into the history and culture of the Arabic world and laughter is always guaranteed!

    Rukan Manaz Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Political Directorate, Human Security Division
  • Our kids (11 and 14 years old) have made enormous progress in Arabic, since they have been joining Arabic lessons once a week, not only progress in their pronunciation and vocabulary; they also lost their inhibitions and are now much more at ease with the use of Arabic.  The lessons bring them much closer to the Arabic language, and the culture of the different Arabic countries. For us it was also key, that our kids learn the language and expressions of the daily life, what one normally only learns when growing up in an Arabic country. Also this was successfully realized. Many thanks!

    Sally Mobasher/Marawan Alqusy Teacher/Doctor
  • What I appreciate the most is Mohamed’s passion for the Arabic language. I enjoy his deep understanding for the subtleties, the finesse and the secrets of the language, for how the vocabulary is interconnected and how the words interact with each other. I like how he perceives the Arabic language as a way to frame the world and change usual point of view to look at things.  It is amazing how he is able to guide a non-native speaker through all of this and to lead him into a deeper understanding of the language. But he never gets lost in these excursions into the depth of the language, because he is clear and structured in the way he teaches, in giving explanations and in separating the essential from the marginal. Mix all of this with a very Egyptian humor and easy going attitude and you get a great immersion into Arabic language and culture.

    Lorenz Pfrunder Deputy regional coordinator - Directorate of Political Affairs DP - Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
  • Mohamed from Yalla Araby is the most energetic language teacher I’ve ever had! This translated into a very dynamic way of teaching, with lots of humor and anecdotes about Egypt and the Arabic culture. He manages to teach even the most complex language aspects (of which there are many in Arabic J) in a way that is actually fun. Furthermore, he has a perfect mix of being laid back and strict. I would highly recommend Mohamed and Yalla Araby to anyone who wants to learn Arabic!

    Benjamin Frey Deputy Director of Cooperation - Embassy of Switzerland in Egypt
  • The Arabic classes of Mohamed are clear, practical and entertaining. They are tailor-made and specifically adapted to my wishes, which allows me to progress at my own rhythm. Moreover, the teacher shows great flexibility regarding the schedule of the classes and always takes time to answer my questions. Thanks to the singularity of the classes, it is a pleasure learning Arabic and I believe to be progressing well and fast regardless of the complexity of the language.

    Samantha Frechin Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
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