Egyptian Dialect

The Arab world is marked by a big variety of dialects, amongst which the Egyptian dialect is playing a crucial role. It is not surprising that when an Iraqi and a Moroccan meet, they would speak in Egyptian dialect. This dialect is not only the Lingua Franca between the people and nations in the Middle East and North Africa, Egypt and its language are also linked with a unique literary heritage and formative for theater, movies and music in the Arab world.

The face-to-face and online classes in Egyptian dialect are flexibly designed according to the goals and needs of the students and arranged in such a way that fast progress is possible in the four basic language skills: understanding, reading, writing, and conversation.

Throughout the practice-oriented program, we pay attention to enriching the curriculum with contemporary and relevant vocabulary and subjects to make the material connected to everyday life. Moreover, the lessons are fed with impressions of the customs, traditions and culture of Egypt.

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